Actual no-show socks (that don’t fall off!)

*Warning – this post contains images of my feet. FPeople with foot-phobias, avert your eyes!*

No show socks are usually a pain in the butt. They slip and slide and bunch and rip, and look kinda gross. PLUS the ones I used to have would usually poke out of the side of certain flats.

The alternatives: ankle socks and stockings, have their merits, but interfer with the sleek look of an outfit, or your ability to remain both temperature, and stylishly cool.

I used to have two reliable standbys, at least for athletic shoes: the Lorna Jane Secret Sock and the Nike No-Shows.


They do indeed, stay hidden and stay on better than any I’ve tried, so I have a few pairs of each

But neither work with flats. For a while it was no big deal. I went with hose or barefoot with my ballet flats. Then started to wear loafers/slip ons, and wear them far more often. I wanted something a little more comfortable and hygienic. The Nikes went close, just ignoring the bits that poke up, but an impulse buy at Uniqlo has resulted in victory at last!

May I present the Women’s Square Cut No-Show Socks

Women's Square Cut No-Show Socks, 3 Pack Pairs

These babies are 3 for $10!

This is what my previous no-show socks look like – apologies for the mismatched colors


And then the Uniqlo


They aren’t bare feet! You can *just* see the liner (could tuck it in if I wanted)

I’m not going to lie, they do still slip, but at a much more acceptable rate (i.e. not every 5 steps like with the drugstore ones)

Plus their clever shape stops the corners from cutting in!

So what are you waiting for?!




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